About Family Life Services


image of women talkingOur clients are women who are or think they might be pregnant.  They may have recently missed a period or taken a home pregnancy test, and they may be worried about an unplanned pregnancy.  They are families who need support navigating the difficulties of a daily life.  They are the children who are vulnerable and in danger of being a choice instead of a child.


A baby might not be in your plans right now.  Before you consider an abortion, get all the facts about a decision that could change your life.

image of women meetingAt Family Life Services Clinic and Pregnancy Center we aren’t here to judge you or tell you what to do. What we do offer is information on the options available to a woman during what may be a difficult time in her life.


Every visit with our community pregnancy service clinic is free, confidential and private.

We are here to provide them with accurate information, free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds and a place to talk to someone who understands what you are facing.

Woman with pregnant belly and sonogram image overlaidWe don’t perform abortions or refer for them.  For further reproductive health matters, we can refer our clients to a local doctor.  We ensure they know “we are here for you!”


Newsline Newsletters

Through our quarterly newsletters, we share news of what has been happening at the pregnancy resource center, what is coming up soon, and some of the blessings and small daily miracles we experience along the way. Links to pdf files of issues are below. We hope they help bring a little of the blessings and joy to your life as well!

Volume 11

Issue 1 ~ Winter 2019

Volume 10

Issue 4 ~ Fall 2018

Issue 3 ~ Summer 2018

Volume 9

Issue 4 ~ Fall 2017

Volume 8

Issue 2 ~ Spring 2016

From our Friends

Christ the King Catholic Church in Ann Arbor featured an article about Family Life Services on pages 5 & 6 in their January 2019 newsletter on their website.