Our Goals

Our goals are to increase our reach into the Ann Arbor community with more life-saving and life-changing services and support. We can only meet our goals if the community of Ann Arbor, people just like you, join with us to become a partner of this outreach!

Our Goals include:

1. To increase the community awareness of Family Life Services.
2. To increase the number of women we serve from the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area.
3. To extend our reach around the world with this website.

Our Goals for the future:

As a Christian organization, we believe the prayer that says: “Bless me, indeed! Enlarge my Tent! Keep me from harm! That I might glorify YOUR NAME!” Thus, in five years from now, we are praying that our tent will enlarge and that as we are blessed, we will be protected from harm as we glorify our Lord, Jesus Christ.